There are two entries per row on each page sorted alphabetically by last name. There are 26 sections to the list, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Each entry contains the following items:

  1. Name: Last, First, Middle. This is the name that was used at the time of registration.

  2. ID Number: Each registrant has been assigned a unique identifying number.

  3. Day Born: Day of the Month registrant was born.
    • Example: If registrant’s birthdate is February 7, 1973, this will read “Day Born: 7”
    • Why is this on the list? For registrants who have the same or similar name as someone else, this information should help to identify specific persons.
    • If “Day Born” is blank: More information must be provided via or by calling the office at 808.594.0088.
  4. City: This is the city of the registrant’s residence or mailing address
    • If it reads “Please Update”: Updated address and, or other contact information must be provided. Click on “Please Update” and complete the online form to update you mailing address o you can call the office at 808.594.0088.

NOTE regarding “Unconfirmed”: If “Unconfirmed” is listed in the left column before your last name, this means that Hawaiian ancestry has not yet been confirmed. Please click on “Unconfirmed” to access the online form where you can upload source documents to confirm ancestry and complete registration.