1. For cultural, civic or social connection: by formally attesting.
  2. For Native Hawaiian ancestry, as defined in Act 195, SLH 2011: (a) by formally attesting, and (b) providing documentation or permitting confirmation of ancestry from reliable sources.
  3. Documentation
      1. Copy of birth certificate showing “Hawaiian”, or
      2. Copy of birth certificate and/or other documentation showing lineal descent, ascent, or a blood sibling of a person of documented Native Hawaiian ancestry, or
      3. Kamaʻāina Witness declaration or Kamaʻāina Testimony (as described in Hawaii Rules of Evidence 803(a)(19), 803(a)(11), 803(a)(12), 803(a)(13), 803(a)(16), and 803(a)(20).
  4. Confirmation from Reliable Sources
    1. A vital statistics document or record from a state, municipality or other government entity
    2. Lineal descent, ascent or a blood sibling of a person who has been confirmed from a reliable source, including prior ancestry confirmation on the Kanaʻiolowalu registration.
    3. Any program or organizational source that has procedures for confirmation requiring at least the documentation provided above in “3. Documentation”, such as but not limited to:
      1. Kamehameha Schools’ student or alum, with attestation of Native Hawaiian ancestry
      2. Kamehameha Schools Ho`oulu Hawaiian Data Center
      3. Department of Hawaiian Home Lands lessee or verified on the waiting list
      4. Operation `Ohana (verified)
      5. Hawaiian Registry
      6. Kau Inoa (verified)